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Are you a builder in the Lincoln, NE area who is looking to make your final presentation a masterful success? Crystal clear windows help to make the job feel like it is truly complete.

When you hire us to clean the windows inside and out of a new house, we include cleaning the glass (including removal of paint, silicone, and mortar from the glass), the tracks, and wiping down the frames. Track cleaning is not included with exterior only window cleaning jobs.

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Following are some tips to protect your windows and keep the cleaning costs down:

If the windows come from the manufacturer with a protective plastic film, we ask that it be left on the glass to protect it during construction and to make the cleanup job easier. (The only exception is if the construction takes an unusually long time. In this case, the plastic can become extremely hard to remove and may double the cost of the window cleaning.)

Frames that have stickers on them will likely require an additional charge, as they can be time-consuming to completely remove. It’s best to install windows that don’t come with stickers attached to the frames in visible areas.

Bricklayers and stone workers should cover the frames and glass before they work in order to prevent damage. We often find that glass has been scratched by the masons when they drop mortar on the glass and then wipe it off with a rag. Mortar splashed on exterior frames is best carefully washed off immediately with clean water by the brick or stonemasons, as once it is dried, it is difficult and time-consuming to remove without scratching the frames. We can remove it, but it will be a Time and Material service that we cannot accurately bid beforehand.

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