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Air Duct Cleaning Lincoln

“You get what you pay for”

Everyone seems to know this saying, and we usually use it in reference to a product or service that is cheap and probably shoddy. On the other hand, sometimes it means that we’ve paid more for something and found it to be totally worth the extra money.

At Clarity, we mean this in the positive light: we aim to make sure that you get all the value that you are paying for and then some. Our sincere desire is your complete satisfaction with our service, leaving you with absolutely zero buyer’s remorse.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If there is anything about our work that isn’t done right, call us within 48 hours of job completion, and we’ll come back and fix the problem free of charge.* If we are unable to make it right, we’ll discount that portion of the job up to the entire job if none of it was satisfactory.**

*To protect ourselves from fraud, we require that any corrections be scheduled and completed within two weeks of job completion unless Clarity’s schedule does not allow it during that time frame.

**If you opt to pay nothing for a job that was completely unsatisfactory, we will deem ourselves to be the wrong company to serve you and will not be available to perform repeat services in the future.