Window Cleaning Frequency

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“How often should I have my windows cleaned?”

This is a very common and sensible question. And like many questions our customers ask, I don’t always give a straight answer. I prefer to give you a bit of information and let you find the answer that fits you best. There are some factors to consider when making this decision.

First, are we talking to a commercial or residential client?

Is this a commercial location? If we are talking about a storefront with a lot of customer traffic, then we recommend having your exterior windows cleaned at least once a month. Inside can be just as often, but sometimes it works okay to have the interior glass done every two or three months. You can go as long as bi-monthly on the exterior glass, but there will be occasions when the windows look quite dirty for stretches of time.

If it is an office building that doesn’t have a lot of customer traffic, then every two or three months is probably sufficient. Some will wait as long as six months between cleanings. If you wait this long, you will have noticeably dirty windows for at least six months out of the year, since a good exterior window cleaning lasts a maximum of three months on average. However, if that is not a problem, then semi-annually may be your best fit. An annual cleaning will leave you with dirty looking windows for most of the year, but it will keep the dirt from building up and bonding to the glass too badly. The exception to this is when the glass is being hit by sprinklers, in which case the minerals can begin bonding to the glass in a matter of weeks or less.

Blog by Clarity LLC

A Clarity crew-member cleaning in a new home

Is this a residential location? Customers vary widely on the frequency of cleaning windows at their homes. Here in Lincoln, Nebraska, a good exterior window cleaning can last about three months before a noticeable amount of dirt starts to accumulate (unless a dirty rain or insect swarm happens to get blown against the glass sooner than that).

We have customers who have their windows washed on the exterior once a month. They get the best rate and almost never see dirty windows.

A growing number of our customers are opting to have their exterior glass cleaned once a quarter. This is a great option since there is usually not a long wait between the time they start noticing the dirty view and when we show up to make things sparkle again. These customers also receive a better rate than those who wait longer between cleanings.

Also very common is the twice a year cleaning schedule, most notably the traditional Spring and Fall cleanings. Something is refreshing about cleaning away the grimy buildup and letting the sunshine in when the weather starts to turn pleasant in the Spring or before the holiday celebrations in the Fall. Cleaning the windows is one of the quickest ways to make the whole house look cleaner.

Once a year window cleaning is also a viable option. You will get to enjoy the beauty of really clean windows for a while, and while they won’t look perfect all year, you will notice a big before-and-after effect, which is very satisfying.

Interior window cleaning is recommended a minimum of once a year to clear away the dust, cobwebs, insect spots and carcasses, and smudges left behind by the fingers, faces, noses, and tongues of kids and pets. Cleaning more often is at your discretion and depends on personal preference and environmental factors, including those just mentioned.

So, deciding how often you want to have your windows cleaned is a matter of finding the right balance between the level of enjoyment you find in having bright, clear views and how much you want to spend in a given period. We can help you by providing a free estimate, taking a good look at your windows, showing you the pricing options, and helping you make the choice that feels best to you.

Feel free to take advantage of this service and call us now for a free estimate. See you soon!