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Winter Window Cleaning

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People often ask us, “You can’t clean windows in the winter, can you?”

The short answer is, “Yes, we can.”  And we do.  And there are a couple of benefits to having your windows cleaned in the wintertime (see below for advantages).

While I believe that most window cleaners prefer the more agreeable weather of Spring and Fall, just like everyone else, we have bills to pay all year long.  And we have customers who need our services all year long, too.  So we get creative with doing our job.  From finding ways to stay warm to keeping our solution liquid on the glass to keeping your house clean while we work, we can get the job done.

That said, there are some limitations that we impose for the sake of safety or for the sake of our customers’ satisfaction.

The four windows accessed via the roof did NOT get cleaned on this day.

Safety issues include things like not climbing on the roof to clean windows or skylights when there is snow on the roof, staying out of the wind and cold when it’s frostbite-inducing weather, and taking care not to set up ladders on icy or otherwise slippery surfaces.

Customer satisfaction issues include not washing screens when conditions might leave them frozen or muddy and making the recommendation to wait until warmer weather to clean between the panes of the older style, clip-secured Pella double-pane windows (cold air outside makes the humidity in the house condense on the cold glass, leaving this kind of window very foggy when cleaned on cold winter days. This is less of an issue with the newer triple pane Pella windows.)

Adjustments for winter window cleaning:

  • Take advantage of days when the snow has melted off the roof to clean those roof-access windows.
  • Reschedule for a better day if temperatures may be dangerous for the technicians (generally we feel okay cleaning when the wind chill is higher than about 5 degrees Fahrenheit, although at the beginning of the winter season our tolerance tends to be a bit lower).
  • Opt to have the screens dusted rather than washed in the wintertime.
  • Have your old-style Pella windows cleaned in between the panes in the summertime when the outside temperature is warm.
So, with these issues to deal with, why even bother to have the windows cleaned in the winter at all?

Advantages to having your windows cleaned in the winter include:
  • Get more light when the days are shorter and darker.  Cleaning your windows can significantly brighten your home to take better advantage of the sunlight hours.
  • With less dust in the air and less rainfall, your windows have a chance of staying clean longer.
  • With less demand, you get a shorter wait time between scheduling and cleaning in most cases.
So, if you find in the middle of winter that you need your windows washed, don’t hesitate to give us a call. There’s no need to wait until Spring.  We are at your service.
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