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Residential Window Cleaning 

Residential window cleaning is our specialty.  We love the way our work leaves your spaces bright and cheerful.  Most of our first-time clients are blown away by the difference that Clarity’s service makes, and that makes our day, too!

Knowing that every customer is unique and that dirty windows are not all the same, we offer a variety of cleaning packages that are designed to match your budget with the right level of cleaning for your windows.  We won’t charge you for services you don’t need.  At the same time, we don’t want you to be unhappy with the finished product, so we will often recommend a more thorough package if we believe that is what your windows need.  But, of course, the final decision is always yours!

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What We Offer

Glass Cleaning (including skylight cleaning) in various levels of cleaning according to need:

5-step cleaning, 7-step cleaning, and 8-step cleaning.  Your free estimate will determine what level of cleaning is going to give you the best results.

Screen cleaning.  We offer either a good brushing/wiping down of your screens or a thorough scrubbing with cleaning solution followed by wiping down and drying before installation.

Screen repair.  If you have torn or sun-rotted screens, we can replace the mesh for you.  Pickup and delivery are free if we are cleaning your windows, too.

Fixture cleaning.  As long as we have the correct ladder to reach your fixtures, we should be able to clean them for you.

 Due to the wide variety of fixture types, we have to charge by the hour ($45/hour) rather than giving you an up front quote.

Gutter cleaning.  This is a service that we do only upon request at this time.  If we have the right equipment and feel that we can accomplish the job safely, we are happy to make sure your gutters are clean and functional.

Like fixture cleaning, we charge by the hour ($45/hour) for gutter cleaning.

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We provide window cleaning service for Lincoln, NE and a number of towns around Lincoln. As we are based in Lincoln, pricing variations reflects the cost of driving to the job and back again.  If you are in Lincoln, we can easily do an on-site free estimate. If you are more than a short drive outside of the city, we will interview you over the phone and give you a ballpark figure on your cleaning cost.

Service Areas:

Lincoln, NE

Adams, NE

Alvo, NE

Ashland, NE

Avoca, NE

Bennet, NE

Ceresco, NE

Crete, NE

Davey, NE

Denton, NE

Douglas, NE

Eagle, NE

Elmwood, NE

Firth, NE

Garland, NE

Greenwood, NE

Hickman, NE

Ithaca, NE

Louisville, NE

Malcom, NE

Manley, NE

Memphis, NE

Milford, NE

Murdock, NE

Otoe, NE

Palmyra, NE

Panama, NE

Pleasant Dale, NE

Raymond, NE

Roca, NE

South Bend, NE

Sprague, NE

Springfield, NE

Syracuse, NE

Unadilla, NE

Wahoo, NE

Walton, NE

Waverly, NE

Weeping Water, NE

Weston, NE

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