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Commercial Window Cleaning

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Make a great first impression!

Your windows are literally one of the first things your customers see.  Make them sparkle with Clarity’s commercial window cleaning service.

Clarity’s commitment to quality will assure that your business location keeps looking great month after month.  Our service is reliable, and our uniformed employees add to the impression that your business is a high-quality establishment.

Clarity Preliminary Cleaning for Business

  1. Wash Frames
  2. 8-step Premium Glass Cleaning*

Clarity Preliminary Cleaning for Business is an in depth window cleaning to get the windows of your business location looking as good as they can. From there, we will arrange a maintenance schedule with you to keep your windows looking their best so you can always be making the best first impressions.

Clarity Maintenance Cleaning for Business

  1.  Wipe down frames
  2. 5-step Basic Glass Cleaning

We suggest arranging an ongoing window cleaning schedule so that you don’t have to be concerned about this visually important task slipping through the cracks.  From our experience, a monthly cleaning is good as a minimum frequency.  Many businesses opt for twice a month or even weekly cleanings to make sure that their windows always look their best.

To have us come and work out the details with you, call the number below.  Estimates are free, and talking with us does not obligate you to use our service.  We want you to make a fully informed decision that best suits you.

*From time to time we run into glass that is not compatible with all steps of the Premium Glass Cleaning due to impurities from the manufacturing process.  When this is the case, we adapt the service to get the glass as clean as possible with the steps we can do.

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The Best Time To Clean Windows

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“What’s the best time of year to clean my windows?”

I hear this question from time to time, and the simple answer is, “Whenever you want them to be clean”.

But I understand that’s not what the customer is asking. What they’re asking me is, “When can I wash my windows so they will stay clean the longest?  When can I get the most bang for my buck?”. Continue reading The Best Time To Clean Windows